7.274 White Pepper Lobster


5 (Wed) October 2016

White Pepper Lobster


at Tao Yuan

(see most recently 7.188 White Pepper Prawns)

-Malate, Manila-

with W, the boys, the In-Laws

As confirmed today, upon her return from a week-long vacation in Greece, the best part about W — other than the fact that she’s my wife and the mother of my children blah blah — is that she provides a buffer between me and her parents.

With a delicate peace in the galaxy thus restored, the occasion called for celebration.

Sitting down for dinner tonight at 1830, we also celebrated the launch of the 39-hour countdown to the departure of flight KE 622 at 1230 on 7 October 2016 (more like 36 hours, as the airport transfer car will pick them up at 0930).

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