7.285 Jajang-Myeon


16 (Sun) October 2016



at Joong Kook Zip


with W and The Boyz

Joong Kook Zip is a Korean-Chinese restaurant. The name, which means “Chinese (jung guk) house (jib),” is a meta reference to what someone might call a neighborhood delivery joint down the street (like calling a dive bar “The Dive Bar”) — and yes, they deliver.
This is old school Makati, where OG Koreans hang.
True to its name, the interior looks just like an anonymous neighborhood deliver joint down the street.
All the classics.

The food was good.  One of the better Korean-Chinese restaurants that I’ve encountered in Manila, the others across town in my old neighborhood (see for example 6.050 Battle Jjamjja), this one quite close to our new home, though perhaps too far for delivery — actually, they would deliver if ordered, but the noodles would be bloated by the time of arrival.  Definitely worth a return visit.


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