7.286 Dweji Bulgogi


17 (Mon) October 2016

 Dweji Bulgogi


by W

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with W and The Boyz

Dweji bulgogi is a Korean pork dish.  Sliced pork (“dweji = pig”), marinated in gochujang (red chili paste).  Traditionally grilled (“bulgogi = fire meat”), but more commonly stir-fried, especially at home.  For reasons unknown, the pork version is spicy, while beef bulgogi is made with a sweet soy sauce marinade, even though both pork galbi and beef galbi are made with a similar sweet soy sauce marinade, but chicken galbi is spicy, for reasons unknown.  Essentially the same thing as jeyuk bokkeum (pork stir-fry), except the latter tends to have more sauce, and more vegetables (see for comparison 6.141 Bon Jovi on Fire).

W’s rendition tonight was solid.

Almost ATKAHM (see most recently 7.272 Suyuk), short of a few banchan.
Sogeum Gui Saewoo (0.5) : supposed to be roasted (gui) on a bed of dry salt (sogeum), but W mistakenly immersed the shrimp (saewoo) in the salt, then covered the pan with a lid, which created steam, which dissolved the salt, which penetrated into the shrimp, which therefore turned out unbearably salty — but at least she’s trying something new.
Jogae Guk (0.0) : clams, or at some of the clams, were off, so we dumped the whole batch — but at least she’s trying something new.

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