7.284 Seafood with Fresh Asparagus and Eggwhites


15 (Sat) October 2016

Seafood with Fresh Asparagus and Eggwhites


at Hai Shin Lou


with RD et al.

The Boss’s birthday — again already (see most recently 6.283 The Boss’s Beefy Birthday Bash)?!?!

Don’t know how I got invited to this one, a more intimate affair than last year, limited to members of his extended family, select senior K staff, and other guests.  (Maybe because I’d given him a small birthday gift of a single malt whisky that I’d picked up in Japan last week?)

In any case, I was honored for the privilege of participating in the occasion.

Happy birthday, boss!


The food was okay. (Alas, I wasn’t in much of a position to take photos.)

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