7.287 Gyeran Jjim


18 (Tue) October 2016

 Gyeran Jjim


by W

at home

-One Serendra, Taguig-

with W and The Boyz

Another amateur mistake (see most recently 7.286 Dweji Bulgogi) : she used too big of a pot, so the eggs were spread too thin across the bottom and therefore cooked too quickly — but at least she’s trying something new.

She should’ve used my recipe.


Funny thing is, DJ is so amazed to see his mother cooking — “You actually made this?!?!” — that he devours the results with great enthusiasm, even when such results may be questionable.  W can’t decide whether to feel complimented or insulted.

7 thoughts on “7.287 Gyeran Jjim

  1. Definitely she should’ve used your recipe! I use it with great success and my kids love it. 🙂

      1. I start to agree but then remember all your grotesque McDonalds and airplane food posts and think you should keep your mic well in hand. Haha

        Gyeran dishes are tricky, though. Sometimes I make this and it turns out lovely and other times I accidentally mis-time or get distracted for a minute or the heat is a touch too high and it turns into a spongey, Swiss cheese-looking mess. Eggs are not always easy.

  2. i can drop the mic in one hand — the hand that cooks — while firmly grasping the mic in the other — the hand that humbly unwraps instant foods, which can be appreciated in their own right.

    1. I’m afraid we’re just laughing at the thought of you holding a mic in each hand (amiright LY?) because you just look like a dork. Especially if you drop one but not the other. Maybe if you excise all posts about grubby gray fast food and dangerously toxic plane food I might reconsider.

      Just be happy with your small contributions to society like this recipe and that other one with the dduk.

      1. i was merely expressing delight that someone — and not just anyone, but someone with exacting standards — has found use for a recipe that I posted. JEEZ!!

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