7.292 Nakji Bokkeum + Sari


23 (Sun) October 2016

Nakji Bokkeum + Sari


at Hanseong Kalguksu

-Nonhyeon, Seoul-

with W and The Boyz, Mom and Dad

Awesome.  Perfectly cooked octopus, delightfully chewy yet still soft.  Perfectly seasoned sauce, delicately spicy, balanced with a touch of sweetness.  Perfectly paired with handmade kalguksu, rustically rough and toothsome — no comparison to the typical cheap boil-out-of-the-box crap.  The best rendition of this dish that I’ve experienced.


Curiously, the term “sari” means “noodles” but only in the context of extra noodles added to an otherwise standalone dish (see for example 5.048 … plus Naeng Myeon Sari).

Assorted Jeon (3.0)

Fall Break : Day 2 (see previously 7.291 Myeongranjeot).

In Seoul.  Here on holiday during DJ’s fall break.  Arrived yesterday morning, flying back to Manila next next Monday.

다민이 + 이안이

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