7.295 Mentaiko Spaghetti


26 (Wed) October 2016

Mentaiko Spaghetti


at The Corner Kitchen

(see most recently 7.016 Pizza Bismarck)

-Oksu, Seoul-

with W and the Boyz, Mom and Dad

Mentaiko is Japanese-style pickled pollack roe.  Adapted from Korea (see generally 7.291 Myeongranjeot) — in fact, “men = myeong = 明 = bright.”   Traditionally served as a side dish with rice, or as an accompaniment to sake/sochu (see for example 7.265 Negibasashi Maki ).  Now used as an ingredient in fusion dishes, such as pasta or risotto.

The Mentaiko Spaghetti was good.  Delicately briny with a touch of sweetness, well-balanced in a creamy-ish sauce, lightened/brightened with scallion and tomato.  Texturally, the cooked eggs provided bit of pop in every bite.  Could’ve done without the shredded nori, which contributed an unnecessary Asian flavor component.

I should try this at home.

Fungi Salata (3.5) : gorgeous assortment of veg — so much mushroom, felt more like meat — beautifully seasoned, plentiful in portion.
Flower Ricotta Pizza (2.5) : variation on the Pizza Insalata, plus flowers — surprisingly flavorless — and homemade ricotta — overly sweet, and dense, like cheesecake — sans rucola — the best part.

Fall Break : Day 6 (see previously 7.295 Chaeggeut).

In Seoul.  Here on holiday during DJ’s fall break.  Arrived Saturday, flying back to Manila next Monday.


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  1. My mom visited me in Oct 2016, and she made me mentaiko spaghetti, but didnt leave her recipe…..

    1. if i had to improvise, i’d make it as a standard cream sauce pasta, but hold back on the salt and add the fish eggs towards the end.

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