7.320 Hiyashi Udon


20 (Sun) November 2016

Hiyashi Udon


at Nadai Fujisoba

-SM Aura Premier, Taguig-

with W and the Boyz

Nadai Fujisoba is a Japanese chain restaurant.  Founded in Japan, 1966.  Currently 5 branches in Metro Manila.  Specializes in noodle soups, most notably its namesake claim-to-fame soba, as well as udon.

Nadai Fujisoba has become a family go-to.  Only for lunch on the weekend, including today, or for an after-school snack.  Less so these days (as we’re mostly done setting up the new pad and so not shopping as much), but we still drop by whenever we’re in the mall.

Whereas the Japanese term “hiyashi” refers generally to anything chilled, it’s typically applied to cold broths in a culinary context.

Just a splash of cold soy broth.

At Nadai Fujisoba, udon noodles nonpareil.  All in the texture, each bite perfectly chewy, almost rubbery, but in a good way.   For the first time, I’m realizing that udon noodles aren’t merely mushy/doughy carriers for warm broth and other components, but could and should, and would as they do here, stand out as the main attraction in themselves.

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