7.337 Salmon Teriyaki


7 (Wed) December 2016

 Salmon Teriyaki


by W (and me)

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

When I got home, everything was nearly done, except that the sauce was way too watery, to which I simply whisked in a touch of corn starch, making it properly goopy within seconds, and [nostrils flaring smug as I write this] duly impressing the W with my knowledge and application of the quick-fix.

And yes, I realize that the salmon looks like wi-fi.

12 thoughts on “7.337 Salmon Teriyaki

  1. did you see the recent anderson cooper eyeroll while interviewing kellyanne conway? i totally did that reading the second half of your post. your wife’s lack of knowledge about corn starch should not make your nostrils flare smug. just saying. i know DC is with me on this.

    1. not really a roll, merely a quick peek at God.

      so the point of your analogy is that you’re sexist, and i’m shrill?

      anyway, it’s not her lack of knowledge that allows me to flare, it’s that I have the knowledge, and applied it so effectively.

      1. i’m not sexist like anderson is not sexist. we both don’t like annoying smugness.

    2. I’m totally with you on this. PUH LEEZE we cannot abide cornstarch and sanctimony

  2. my smugness cannot be annoying because it’s both self-aware and evidence-based, which perhaps deserves a little cute wink in lieu of an eyeroll.

    as Number One Fan for 7 straight years, you know you wanna marry it by now.

    1. Gag. LY I know you’re with me on this.

      And cornstarch isn’t the end-all be-all of thickening agents. Flour, cream, extra boiling? Maybe W could’ve figured it out.

      1. hahahaah gag is right. you’ve never gotten a little cute wink from me, i don’t know why you’d start now.

  3. btw, i’m dying to see the christmas/end of year posts for 2016 since you ditched me. i suspect you’ve been slow to post bc you came to LA after all but…ditched me.

  4. Ooooh burn! Is it odd that I feel tangentially ditched even though I had no idea you were here nor would we have met under any circumstances? Hmmm

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