7.349 L’Entrecôte Double


19 (Mon) December 2016

L’Entrecôte Double


at L’Entrecôte

-Burgos Circle, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

L’Entrecôte is a French restaurant. Located along Burgos Circle.
Nice bar.

The food was okay-ish.   The namesake sirloin steak (“entrecôte” more accurately refers to what Americans would consider to be ribeye, but many places, even in France, use the term to describe the strip) had excellent texture —supposedly, certified* US Angus — thick cut, perfectly cooked; but the “Secret Herb Butter Sauce” was unbearably heavy and drowned out the flavor of the meat.  The other dishes were passable.  Disappointing for a highly rated restaurant.

*Don’t mean to cynical/skeptical, but the apparent lack of regulatory oversight here makes me wonder about such so-called certifications.

Onion Soup (2.5)
Piri Piri Shrimps (2.5) : bread sticks were pretty good.
Childrens Menu – 3 mini pork sausages (1.5) : dry and crumbly — IZ took one bite and was like, “WHAAAT?!?!”

Although I should know better by now not to engage in any more “Try Every” projects, I’m tempted to try every top twenty-one — anticipating the acronym, which works better with a vowel — restaurants in Taguig/BGC as ranked by TripAdvisor.  For now, I’m just tracking progress, but I might initiate if I reach the trigger point of 10 restaurants completed, for dinner, currently ranking.

Best Restaurants in Taguig City (as of 2017 May 22) [+/- position since previous ranking (Feb 26)]:

  1. Abé Serendra (7.234 Sikreto ni Maria Claria) [+3]
  2. The Wholesome Table [lunch] [+4]
  3. Ramen Nagi [lunch] [+6]
  4. The Food Hall by Todd English (7.202 Charred Octopus6.062 Bone Marrow) [+3]
  5. Yoree (7.340 Samgyeopsal; 6.039 … and Mini Dolsot Bibimbap; 5.040 Course Dinner) [first charting]
  6. Wildflour Café and Bakery [lunch] [+1]
  7. L’Entrecote <<<<
  8. Mango Tree (7.305 Phad Thai Poo Nim) [+3]
  9. Ogawa [lunch] [+4]
  10. Texas Roadhouse [lunch] [first charting]
  11. Agave Mexican Cantina (7.186 Steak & Shrimp Fajitas) [+3]

(23) 8Cuts Burger Blends (7.275 Piggy7.122 Burger) [-4]

(24) Crystal Jade Dining IN (7.244 Roasted Peking Duck) [-4]

(28) Genki Sushi (7.333 Tuna Tataki Nigiri) [-3]

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