7.350 Ganjang Gejang


20 (Tue) December 2016

Ganjang Gejang


by my aunt

(see most recently 4.349 Grilled Ribeye)

at their home

-Seongsu, Seoul-

with the maternal-side family

Home for the Holidays, Day 1.

In Seoul.  Winter break.  Going back to Manila on the 31st — can hardly wait.

Every time (see generally 3.347 My Aunt’s Spread for Family Gatherings, Every Time).

For 20 years since the passing of their mother in 1994, my mother and her siblings had commemorated the day of her death every year with mass (my uncle is a priest) and meal (by my aunt) .  In 2015, my mother called it off, supposedly for good, claiming satisfaction of the requisite 2-decade mourning period.  But then she brought it back this year, saying that the family needed a clearly identifiable reason to compel getting together.

But for GMTD, I would not believe that 3 years have passed since my previous post of the occasion.

First meal upon arrival, of course (see most recently 7.299 Double MNM).
“Oh, how I missed you,” he said, and wept into the empty bowl.

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    1. yes, i do admit that i’m rather spoiled where good home-cooked korean food is concerned (but then again, it’s balanced out by what I have to deal with at the MIL’s). LY has always coveted these crabs, even though i just shrug them off.

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