8.047 Sea Saurkraut


21 (Tue) February 2017

Sea Saurkraut


at Brasserie Lipp

-Old Town, Geneva-


Mission to HQ, Day 2 (see previously 8.046 Grilled Seafood Selections).

In Geneva.  Here to attend a Scoping Meeting on the Ethics of Vector-Borne Diseases – Thu to Fri.



Brasserie Lipp is a German restaurant.  Founded in Paris in 1880 by the eponymous German owner.  Historically famous for saurkraut, along with various beer-friendly meat products (e.g., sausages) – “brasserie” = “brewery,” though the term can also refer to a pub-like establishment.  The branch in Geneva opened in 1986, which seems now to place much emphasis on seafood.

Bouchot Mussels Lipp Style (3.5)
Roasted Scallops (4.0) – with lobster sauce and leek lace biscuit, parfumed rice
Never thought about seafood and saurkraut, but then again why the hell not?
The most amazing bacon, already perfectly succulent and chewy, perfectly seasoned, elevated to another level with the smokiness of the char.
White Butter (3.0) + Horseradish (4.0)

The food was amazing.  Expertly prepared.  Quality beyond reproach.  Flavors perfectly balanced.  Swift and efficient service – I would expect no less from the Swiss.  Best meal of this Western multi-course kind in recent memory (see most recently 7.036 Classic Lobster Newberg).


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