8.112 Lapu Lapu with Green Peppercorns


27 (Thu) April 2017

Lapu Lapu with Green Peppercorns


at Modern Sichuan

(see most recently 8.065 Sweet & Sour Pork)

-The Fort Strip, BGC-

with WHO K staff

The lapu lapu was quite interesting.  The green peppercorns – which are simply unripe black peppercorns – provided a distinct herbaceous/tangy flavor to the sauce, further accentuated by the sharpness of the minced scallions, elevating the otherwise mild flavor of the fish.  Not sure if I’d ever order it again, but I enjoyed the dish this once for its novelty.  Also very nice visually, good for entertaining guests.

Cucumbers in Chili Oil (3.0): like the Japanese dish (see for example 7.207 Kyuri Asazuka), but with more kick.



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