8.188 Kong Jjigae and Much Much More


12 (Wed) July 2017

Kong Jjigae and Much Much More


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Manila, Philippines-

with select K staff

Ostensibly, the occasion was a farewell for KD, who is leaving WPRO to lead the country office in Viet Nam.  I have known KD since my early days working on WHO matters as part of the Korean delegation to World Health Assemblies starting in 2007, when he was stationed at WHO HQ as a secondee from the Korean Ministry of Health.   Since we have been together at WPRO, he has given me invaluable support and advice.


The more important point is that I also invited the boss – and I mean The Boss = The Regional Director.  Other than senior management, I don’t know if any lowly technical officers of my P4 rank have ever done so.  

As noted on countless prior occasions, I have become something of the hospitality coordinator for events hosted by the RD, which includes not only the ordering of the food but also the management of the service.  Thus, in my own home, in my own kitchen, the pressure was on to get it right.

With other P4s to assist, I drafted a “facilitators note” [this is what we do to coordinate the proceedings of our technical meetings] that listed the sequence of dishes, as well as plates needed, and accompanying side dishes.


Small Plate:

Big Plate:



Anticipating the last-minute, on-the-spot insanity, I had prepared as much as I could in advance, but it got crazy nonetheless.  I manage to take photos of only two dishes.

Overall, I think it turned out okay, though people seemed a bit full and weary towards the end.

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