8.231 Grilled Scallops


24 (Thu) August 2017

Grilled Scallops


-Minato, Tokyo-

with KF

And so it begins, the culmination of months of intensive work by the HLE crew (all both of us).

Mission to Japan, Day 3 (see previously 8.230 Cheeseburger).

In Tokyo.  Here to coordinate the Third Meeting of the APPFGH – Thursday to Friday.  Enhancing the Role of Parliamentarians to Address NCDs and Healthy Ageing.  The Forum has become one of my flagship programs (see previously 7.324 Left Behind) – dare I say, one of WHO WPRO’s flagship initiatives – very pleased that they continue to trust me with such a high profile, high level event.

Following the first day’s wrap, Japan hosted a welcome dinner.  Due to seating limitations at the restaurant, however, only parliamentarians were invited, and only essential secretariat attended.  Although I’m running the whole thing, I guess I’m not essential.

So KF and I went out together – KF also deemed non-essential.  To be sure, I’m sure that we had a better time than did the essentials.


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