8.230 Cheeseburger


23 (Wed) August 2017



room service

-New Otani Hotel, Tokyo-


Mission to Japan, Day 2 (see previously 8.229 Tuna Nigiri 3 Pieces).

In Tokyo.  Here to coordinate the Third Meeting of the APPFGH – Thursday to Friday.  Enhancing the Role of Parliamentarians to Address NCDs and Healthy Ageing.  The Forum has become one of my flagship programs (see previously 7.324 Left Behind) – dare I say, one of WHO WPRO’s flagship initiatives – very pleased that they continue to trust me with such a high profile, high level event.


12 hours to go, still a lot of work to do, so I stayed in and ordered a cheeseburger – as per APPFGH tradition (see previously 7.323 Hanwoo Cheeseburger, 6.178 Sliders).

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