8.269 Pizza Salsiccia e Funghi


1 (Sun) October 2017

Pizza Salsiccia e Funghi


at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

(Uptown Parade)

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Recalling Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo in Seoul (see 2.151 Pizza D.O.C.).


Salvatore Cuomo & Bar is an Italian restaurant – and bar, as the grammatically awkward name of the establishment suggests.  Whereas the restaurant in Korea boasts the AVPN certification, this one does not.

In fact, the pizza seemed a bit clunky in terms of thickness and heaviness to be an authentic Neapolitan pizza, whether by regulation or in spirit.  Anyway, the crust was excellent, on par with Gino’s (see for example 7.315 Pizza Margherita w/ Fresh Mozzarella).

Generally, the food was okay.  Though not worth a repeat visit.

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