8.308 Chicken Burrito


9 (Thu) November 2017

Chicken Burrito


from Chihuahua

(International School Manila – Bearcat Cantina)

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with IZ

I had to pick up the boys from school.  While waiting for the older one to finish, the younger one and I got snacks in the middle/high school cafeteria.

Not sure how this compares to other school cafeterias these days, but it’s so much nicer than what I had.
My kids go to a school where they sell sushi.
DJ was most looking forward to the sushi when he became a middle schooler – on the way to school on the first morning of 6th Grade, he declared in the car that he was having sushi for lunch – only to report after coming home that the sushi turned out to be pretty crappy. While I’m very proud that my kids have sophisticated palates, I worry sometimes that they’re becoming food snobs.
After school, the cafeteria seems to be filled with as many parents as students.
Among the various offerings, the cafeteria has a food stall operated by my favorite Tex-Mex chain Chihuahua (see most recently 8.176 Burritoes).

I’d noticed that DJ was putting on weight.

Then, I discovered in his ID wallet – the one that he wears on a lanyard around his neck all day – a loyalty card from Chihuahua that had him collecting stamps for purchased burritoes towards getting the 20th free.  I tore it up.  “But Dad, I only needed 6 more!!”  I tried to explain to him about food marketing tactics and how kids are most vulnerable.  Students aren’t allowed to pay directly for their food – the IDs work as a debit cards that parents top up – so the only point of the incentive scheme is to make eating feel like an achievement.  “You can have a burrito whenever you want, but never because you’re trying to win a bogus award.”


Still in kIndergarten, IZ doesn’t have access to the cafeteria – the only thing that he wanted was a frozen yogurt with strawberries.

“ISM has the BEST frozen yogurt.”

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