8.359 Caviar Canapes


30 (Sat) December 2017

Caviar Canapes


at Niu

(SM Aura Premier)

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family


Niu is a buffet.


For me, the best part was that the price of admission includes unlimited beer and house wines.


The food was not too bad.  Better sticking to the made-to-order items, like noodles, or carved-to-order, like grilled meat – e.g., the prime rib roast was excellent.

The caviar itself was only so-so, but the canapes were fun to make – I’ve always liked the idea of using a buffet as a kitchen to create my own dishes.


Best/Worst of Manila’s Buffets.  Filipinos love buffets – luv ’em.  Every major mall/hotel in Manila hosts a buffet.  But as with all dining establishments in the Philippines, buffet restaurants here are either (a) overpriced and not too bad, or (b) cheap and not so good – nothing in between.


  1. Spiral (Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila) (7.345 Hooky)
  2. High Street Café (Shangri-La at the Fort) (8.036 Lobster, Meh) (8.053 Seafood)
  3. Market Café (New World Manila Bay Hotel) (6.082 Lobster, Baby) (6.214 Lobsters, for My Babies) (6.360 Lobster, Maybe)
  4. Niu (SM Aura Premier) (8.359 Caviar Canapes)
  5. Corniche (Diamond Hotel Philippines) (5.095 Peking Duck)


  1. Yaki Mix (Robinsons Place (5.245 Grill Buffet)
  2. Tong Yang Garden (Ermita, Manila) (5.214 Hotpot & Grill Buffet)
  3. Cabalen (Robinsons Place) (2.034 Gatang Sigarillas…) (5.087 Buffet Scraps)

I recall fondly that my first Filipino meal ever was at Cabalan, now ranked worst of the worst.  In the post, I seem confused by the food, unfamiliar with the flavors, uncertain about the quality – I still feel like that today.

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