8.362 Nigiri Set


2 (Tue) January 2018

Nigiri Set


at Nikkei

-Legaspi Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with colleagues

Nikkei is a Japanese restaurant.  Specializes in Japanese-Peruvian fusion, along the lines of Nobu (see 7.124 Nobu, No No).  All the rage, these days.  In retrospect, everyone who has raved about the place to me were all white.

The food was okay, if gimmicky.  Most dishes were Japanese in essence – e.g., nigiri sushi – seasoned with a Peruvian/Latin sauce – e.g., chalaquita salsa.  Kind fun once, just to see what turns up on the table, though I’m not sure if I’d ever come back, of my own volition.

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