9.032 Gindara


6 (Tue) February 2018



at Tanabe

-Malate, Manila, Manila, Philippines-

with colleagues

I’m privileged to organize a dinner for Professor L Gostin, the man who literally wrote the book on public health law.  I first met him in 2005, in London, alongside Professor M Sohn (see 8.294 Raclette), on my very first overseas trip relating to health, at an informal consultation on something presumably relating to health that I no longer recall, on our way to Geneva to support the Republic of Korea’s delegation at the intergovernmental working group on revisions to the International Health Regulations, my first experience with WHO.

He is in town this week to help the team develop our Regional Action Agenda on Strengthening Legal Frameworks for Health.

Gindara = black cod.

Pretty good: grilled and drizzled in a light teriyaki sauce.  Though silly expensive at 680 pesos for such a tiny sliver.

Prior visits:

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