9.081 Chicken Satay


27 (Tue) March 2018

Chicken Satay


by Straits of Satay

at Malaysian Food Street

(Resorts World)

-Sentosa Island, Singapore-

with the Family

Spring Break in Singapore, Day 2.

Here for the week.  Objectives: Universal Studios + food.  Our second family trip to Singapore (see most recently 8.099 Black Pepper Crab).


Malaysian Food Street is food court.  Made to look like a small network of alleyways hosting hawker stalls of Malaysian/Singaporean street food.

I’m a bit surprised that such an establishment in Singapore would be labelled as Malaysian, rather than Singaporean outright.

Satay is an Asian barbecue dish.  Marinated in spices, skewered onto sticks, grilled over coals, served with dipping sauce – often peanut-based (see for example 8.095 Peanut Sauce).  Attributed to Indonesia, common throughout Asia (see for example 8.213 Chicken Satay) – indeed, most cultures throughout the world have some kind of meat-stick-fire tradition.  Popular hawker item.

The food was okay.  Nowhere near as good as actual hawker food in the city (4.267 Chicken Rice).

Generally not a fan of satay, but the kids like them.

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