9.082 Horse Doovers


28 (Wed) March 2018

Horse Doovers


at Horizon Club Lounge

(Shangri-La Hotel)

-Tanglin, Singapore-

with the Family

Spring Break in Singapore, Day 3.

Here for the week.  Objectives: Universal Studios + food.  Our second family trip to Singapore (see most recently 8.099 Black Pepper Crab).

After 2 days on Sentosa Island, we’re spending the next 2 days in Singapore proper, staying at the Shangri-La.

Good thing that we’d splurged on a suite, with access to the lounge – I love hotel lounges (see also 8.355 Seared Tuna Canapes, 7.121 Steamed King Prawn, Minced Garlic, Vermicelli) –  because we were too tired to go anywhere for lunch or dinner.

DIY Singapore Sling station!

To this day, I can’t look at an offering of hors d’oeuvres without a  flashback of Bullets Over Broadway – such an obvious gag, but perhaps the first/only movie to pronounce out loud what everyone (except the silly French) thinks whenever they see the silly word in print.

The food was just okay.  Mostly hors d’oeuvres with silly names like “Marinated Anchovy with Pickled Beet and Crème Fraîche” (see featured photo above).  But amusing with so many varieties to choose from.  IZ: “I can’t believe this is all free!”

Tasting Platter (3.0): jumbo butterflied prawns + Lombok lobster + octopus charred with smoked paprika + grilled Hokkaido scallops with fragrant chili jam + grilled fish.

Later, we also ordered room service from Origin, the steak and seafood restaurant in the hotel.

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