8.095 Peanut Sauce


10 (Mon) April 2017

Peanut Sauce


at Brick’s

-Legoland Resort, Iskandar Puteri-

with W and the Boyz


Holy Week Family Vacation to Malaysia-Singapore, Day 1.

Monday to Wednesday in Johor. For Legoland.  Thursday to Friday in Singapore.  For food.  Back to Manila on Saturday.

Our third overseas trip, following Tokyo, Japan (see most recently 7.207 Kyuri Asazuke), and Getxo-Barcelona, Spain (though we left IZ behind for that one) (see most recently 5.202 Sepia Plancha).

My third time in Malaysia (see most recently 6.333 Jacked — Three Ways), first time outside of KL.

We’re staying at Legoland Hotel.

Having arrived too late to go to the park, the only thing to do on our first day was dinner.  Among the meager dining options in the hotel, we chose Bricks by default.

The food was pretty good, even for a buffet.  Thankfully, most of the dishes were local in nature.  In fact, Malaysia is one rare country where a buffet is a good thing, allowing diners to sample the amazing diversity of styles, techniques, flavors, and ingredients that the cuisine has to offer (see for example 6.331 Nasi Lemak).

Though no single dish stood out, the peanut sauce was the highlight of the meal.  The flavor profile was dominated by the chili and garlic, essentially a sambal, but the ground peanuts added a nutty roundness that balanced out the sharpness of the other aromatics, seasonings, and spices.  Excelled condiment for nearly everything else I had.


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