9.083 Chili Crab


29 (Thu) March 2018

Chili Crab


at Alliance Seafood (Stall 27)

(Newton Food Centre)

-Newton, Singapore-

with the Family

Spring Break in Singapore, Day 4.

Here for the week.  Objectives: Universal Studios + food.  Our second family trip to Singapore (see most recently 8.099 Black Pepper Crab).


Newton Food Centre (see most recently 4.266 (White) Carrot Cake) was close to the hotel.


I’ve had dubious experiences at restaurants with Michelin stars (see for example 8.160 Joseon Japchae, 7.357 La Langoustine de Jéju), but the Bib Gourmand seems to understand mul naeng myeon (see for example 9.016 Probably the Best Mul Naeng Myeon), so I’m still not entirely sure about the whole thing.


The crab was fine.

Should’ve ordered steamed rice.

In addition to the crab, we also tried other items from other stalls.

Henceforth, I’ve decided to forego hawker centers.  First, I don’t like eating outdoors, especially in warm/humid weather, like in Singapore.  Second, I don’t like having to run around, stall to stall – twice: once to put in the order, and then back again to pick it up when ready – just to get a balanced meal, plus drinks.  Third, I don’t think that the food is very good.  When I mentioned this decision to a Singaporean colleague, somewhat apologetically, she shrugged and said that even many Singaporeans avoid hawker centers for those same reasons.

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