9.266 Sayadiya


28 (Fri) September 2018



Syrian Palace Restaurant

-Downtown, Aqaba-


Mission to Jordan, Day 6 (see previously 9.265 Mixed Grill) – personal deviation.

Sharif Hussein bin Ali Mosque – across from the restaurant.

In Aqaba.  Previously in Amman to attend a Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Working Group on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Tue to Wed.  Extending my stay in country for a couple extra days to dive in the Red Sea.

After diving in the afternoon, I went into town for a proper dinner.

The restaurant came highly recommended by the dive resort for good, reasonably priced local fare, confirmed by other guests who had already been there.

Sayadiya is a Syrian fish dish.  Deep-fried/grilled fish, plus rice steamed with aromatics/spices, topped with onions and nuts.

The food was excellent.  The fish was crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside, perfectly seasoned.  The rice was gorgeously spicy and buttery.  The tangy tomato sauce brought it all together.  Would’ve been perfect with an oaky chardonnay.

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