9.298 Eobok Jaengban


30 (Tue) October 2018

Eobok Jaengban


at Pyeongga Ok

-Jeongja, Bundang, Seongnam, Korea-

with MS, JS

Fall Holiday + Medical Leave, Day 5.

In Seoul – actually, Gyeonggi Province (close enough).  W is here to undergo a medical procedure, which we scheduled during the boys’ mid-term break so we could be together in support.  The procedure was today, and it went well, thank goodness.  I’m staying with her in the hospital overnight (this is allowed in Korea).


But I wasn’t about to eat dinner in the hospital (see for example 4.321 Hospital Food) – my dedication to the wife has practical limits – so I called upon my favorite cousins to accompany me for alternative food and beverage food on the outside.

We went to Pyeongga Ok, my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood.

Prior visits – has it really been nearly 5 years?!?!:

Pickles and Kimchi (3.5)
Mandu (3.0)


Nokdu Jijim (3.0)
Naeng Myeon (3.0)

The food was excellent, as ever.

In particular, the eobok jaengban was impressive.  Overflowing with components, including beef brisket, rice cakes, mandu, jeon, boiled eggs, and fresh vegetables, in a rich, garlicky broth.  The ultimate royal comfort food.


Though personally, I prefer the simpler version at Pyeongyang Myeonok (see for example 5.003 Jaengban Ban).

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