9.297 (Not so) Special


29 (Mon) October 2018

(Not so) Special


at Oksu Chamchi

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Boys

Fall Holiday + Medical Leave, Day 4.

In Seoul.  W will be undergoing a medical procedure this week, which we scheduled during the boys’ mid-term break so we could be together in support.


After a weekend at the cabin, we drove back to the city this afternoon.

On the way, lunch at one of my favorite restaurants serving one of my favorite specialty dishes in the world.

Prior (documented) visits (many additional visits, for lunch, remain undocumented):


Oksu Chamchi is a Japanese-ish restaurant.  Specializes in tuna sashimi – “chamchi = tuna” – but served in the Korean tradition as part of a full-course/all-u-can-eat meal with various side dishes (see for example 2.015 Tuna Sashimi).  Recently opened in Oksu (see also 4.331 Special Nigiri Sushi Set).

The menu offered three levels of service: the eponymous Oksu Chamchi at KRW 27,000 per person (not a great sign of confidence if the name of the establishment is assigned to the cheapest item), the Special, and the redundant Teuk Special (“teuk = special”).

We ordered 2 portions of the Special.

The food was passable.  The tuna itself was decent, the sides less so.  Okay for a quick nearby bite, but not enough to merit a repeat visit.


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