9.299 Samseon Jjambbong


31 (Wed) October 2018

Samseon Jjambbong


at Jang Hong Gyu

-Seohyeon, Bundang, Seongnam, Korea-

with the Boys

Fall Holiday + Medical Leave, Day 6.

In Seoul – actually, Gyeonggi Province (close enough).  W is here to undergo a medical procedure, which we scheduled during the boys’ mid-term break so we could be together in support.  The procedure was successfully concluded yesterday.  While the MIL is on post-op duty, the boys and I got a hotel room near the hospital so we could drop in and out.

The only hotel within reasonable walking distance was The Noblesse – doesn’t it sound classy?  The boys were very happy to report to their mother that the room came with free condoms.  Their mother was very unhappy to hear it.


For dinner, we went to a Chinese restaurant across the street.

They’e so relieved that their mother will pull through.
I appreciated the spice, which helped to alleviate the stress.

It was exactly the kind of comfort no-brainer meal that we needed.

This ad was posted above the urinal in the restroom of the restaurant: No Smoking – If you’re thinking of cigarettes!! Get relief with massage!! http://www.massagenation.com. Conveniently, The Noblesse is just around the corner, like for outcall service.

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