9.300 Chaeggeut


1 (Thu) November 2018

Chaeggeut (Grilled Sirloin Strip)


at Ilpum Saeng-Gogi

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with HSK

Fall Holiday + Medical Leave, Day 7.

In Seoul.  W is here to undergo a medical procedure, which we scheduled during the boys’ mid-term break so we could be together in support.  The procedure successfully concluded, W remains in the hospital for post-op treatment.  The boys and I will return to Manila tomorrow.


Of late, I’ve transferred my MNM allegiance to Jinmi Pyeongyang Naeng Myeon (see most recently 9.294 Indubitably, the World’s Best MNM).

For lunch, I dropped by the previous standard bearer, Pyeongyang Myeonok (see most recently 8.157 The Best MNM in the World, Still), just to reconfirm.


Reconfirmed – Myeonok is still excellent, but falls short of Jinmi in depth of beef flavor in the broth, and toothsomeness of the noodles.


If nobody else, I will always try to squeeze in a meal/drink with HSK, one of my best friends from high school (see most recently 9.013 Mul Naeng Myeon).

The prices have gone up.
Though the side remain as skimpy as ever.
Nevertheless, the quality of the meat and good service – no other establishment comes close in the neighborhood – keep me coming back.

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