9.362 Bibimbap


2 (Wed) January 2018



aboard Korean Air – KE 623

-Incheon to Manila-

with the Family

Winter Vacation in the USA, Day 15.

We spent our holiday in the States – first time for the boys – including Los Angeles and Orange County, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon [cancelled] – the farthest (distance), longest (duration), and most complicated trip (itinerary) that we’ve ever taken.  We had great times, great experiences, great food.  Going back home today.


As always, I am grateful for and respectful of the opportunity to travel, especially via business class (see BEST IN FLIGHT), including lounge access (see in BEST IN LOUNGE).  Any comments here, even the negative ones, are simply relative to other business class experiences, just for fun, not complaints per se.

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