10.017 Jaengban Memil Guksu


22 (Tue) January 2019

Jaengban Memil Guksu


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with W the Boyz

A dish that I discovered with great relish back in 2013 (see 4.097 Jaengban Memil Guksu), but never tried to make … until tonight, inspired by odd ends of random vegetables that needed to be used.


I needed a bigger dish to facilitate mixing everything together.

The fresh veg – cabbage, carrot, cucumber, onion, romaine – provided crunch and zip with every bite and elevated what is rather nutritionally flat in its original form (i.e., zaru soba) into a wholesome meal (reminds me a bit of that veg pizza from Corner Kitchen (see 3.169 Pizza Insalata)).   From now on, this will be how it’s done in this house.

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