10.056 Chaeggeut + Chadolbagi


2 (Sat) March 2019

Chaeggeut + Chadolbagi


at Ilpum Saenggogi

-Oksu, Seoul-

with M + D

On my way to Mongolia, I opted for the itinerary via Korea with an overnight layover. Had dinner with my folks, later a drink with HS.


Still my favorite neighborhood bbq joint (see most recently 7.196 Chaeggeut), the meat was phenomenal, as always, especially the chaeggeut.  Perfectly marbled, perfectly beefy in flavor, perfectly chewy.  Again, the still lousy side dishes prevent me from giving the meal a 4.0.


I couldn’t resist having just a bit more.  Upon special request, I was served an additional half portion of the chaeggeut, which came with half of an asparagus spear.

4 thoughts on “10.056 Chaeggeut + Chadolbagi

  1. interesting. I never see that kind of marbling on sirloin here and brisket always comes in flat cuts (not like what i imagine for fatty chadol) so i never would have put that together on my own without some googling.

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