7.110 Grilled Sirloin Strip


24 (Sun) April 2016

Grilled Sirloin Strip


at Hongcheon Sarangmal


with W and kids, AhnHY+KimIT, LeeHS+YunYH

In Korea, Day 2 (see previously 7.109 Chicken Tikka…).  Arrived Saturday morning.  Flying back Monday evening.

Hongcheon Sarangmal is both a restaurant, specializing in Korean BBQ…
…and a butcher shop…
…specializing exclusively in Korean beef.
For cuts most appropriate for grilling, prices range from around 10,000 to 12,000 KRW per 100 grams — about what Korean beef goes for at a supermarket, perhaps a quarter of the cost in a retail restaurant.

These kinds of butcher shop / restaurants offer the best value in Korean beef BBQ (see generally 2.190 Grilled Beef Brisket), which can otherwise be inordinately expensive (see for example 6.345 Painting the Town Pink).

4,000 KRW as a table-setting fee per person.

My favorite beef cut is the sirloin strip.  Both for Korean BBQ (see for example 6.218 The Fatta the Lan) and American steak (see for example 7.036 Classic Lobster Newberg3.331 New York Strip Steak; 3.180 Biftek (Strip)…).  Perfect ratio of fat to flesh, providing the ideal tender-yet-chewy texture and succulent-yet-beefy flavor — right between the ribeye and the tenderloin.

sirloin strip = aka “New York / Kansas City Strip” = aka chaeggeut deungsim (채끝등심)

The meat was good.  Hard to go wrong with top-grade 1++ hanwoo (Korean beef), particularly sirloin strip.  We bought more to eat at home.

Despite what the blank expressions may suggest, we all enjoyed the meal.

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