10.071 Spicy Tobanjan Ramen


17 (Sun) March 2019


Spicy Tobanjan Ramen

at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

-SM Aura, BGC-

with my family

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is a Japanese ramen chain.  Specializing in tonkotsu ramen.

The ramen was okay.  Not a big fan of tonkotsu broth, which I find to be too thick, too porky.  The tobanjan (spicy bean paste) helped somewhat to cut through the richness.  Noodles were undercooked, and otherwise unremarkable.

We’d planned on eating at Paradise Dynasty next door, but didn’t feel like waiting in line.

As mentioned in a recent post from Japan, I’m beginning to think that I need to do more research into ramen to better appreciate a genre that continues to elude me.

2 thoughts on “10.071 Spicy Tobanjan Ramen

  1. RIGHT? I never really understood tonkotsu broth – sometimes so rich it feels sticky. I prefer cleaner miso or soy broths for my japanese ramen.

    Marathon-commenting is hard. I should keep up better with your posts.

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