10.082 DIY Temaki


28 (Thu) March 2019

DIY Temaki


by HRS

at her home

-Forbes Place, BGC-

with HRS, KD, CK

As something of wrap – no pun intended – to the Member State Consultation on Protecting Children from the Harmful Impact of Food Marketing, which ended today, HRS invited the core secretariat to an informal dinner at her home.

A Korean twist: perilla leaf.

Temaki is a Japanese sushi dish.  Dried laver + vinegared rice + other ingredients, but rather than rolled into a cylinder and cut into cross sections, everything is rolled (“maki” = “roll”) into a cone and eaten by hand (“te” = “hand”).

Works quite well for dinner parties, where each can construct his own according to preference.

Here, in light of the work over the past few days, temaki was a perfect way to illustrate healthy diet.

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