10.139 Oyakodon


23 (Thu) May 2019



at Kazunori

-Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the family

One motive for moving the family to Makati was to remove W from the Korean swamp of BGC.  Nothing wrong with Koreans per se, but Koreans tend to rely on Koreans to the exclusion of all else.  In BGC, all within ready walking distance, W took the kids to a Korean art teacher, a Korean music teacher, a Korean swim teacher, a Korean math teacher, even a Korean English teacher (seriously), got her hair done at a Korean beauty salon, bought flowers from a Korean florist (I was surprised to discover that Koreans run flower shops here), ordered food from a Korean supermarket, watched Korean TV thru a Korean cable company, and socialized only with other Korean mothers in the neighborhood – when we moved, W hired a Korean moving company.  I was hoping that bringing her to Makati, cut off by the lack of transportation (I take the car to work), would get her to explore other sources of culture.   The next day, she went out and bought herself a car.

I was actually quite impressed (when deciding to marry her, financial self-sufficiently had been a critical factor).


Kazunori is a Japanese restaurant.  Located in/adjacent to the Mazda car dealership in Makati – where W had bought her new car.

Negitoro Maki (1.5): whereas the point of a negitoro maki is to combine tuna belly with scallion within the roll, balancing the fattiness of one with the brightness of the other in every bite, the senseless separation of the two elements here – presumably for the sake of presentation – made the tuna seem oily and the scallion seem harsh.
Deep-Fried Whitefish (1.0): cutely plated, but the fish was mushy with oil – ugh.

The food was pretty awful.  Beyond the textural flaws in every dish, the flavors were way way too salty.  When we complained, the chef had the audacity of coming to our table and asking us if we had ever tasted Japanese food before.  Even if we had never tasted any kind of food before, the dishes were absurdly salty by any human standard.

Oyakodon is not a soup.

This restaurant is henceforth banned.

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