10.155 Chilli King Crab


9 (Sun) June 2019

Chilli King Crab


at Jumbo Seafood

-East Coast, Singapore-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

Summer Vacation 2019, Day 2 of 7.

In Singapore.  Here to take our first-ever cruise: departing Monday from Singapore, stopping in Penang (Malaysia) on Tuesday and Phuket (Thailand) on Wednesday, returning to Singapore on Friday.

Arrived a couple days early, sole purpose to eat.


With my parents having arrived, we took them to Jumbo Seafood, where we had enjoyed the most amazing meal a couple years ago (see 8.098 Deep-Fried Mini Buns with Chilli Sauce).

Despite what this deceptively scaled photo might suggest, the king crab was quite enormous at nearly 3 kg – hence the look of amazement from W, and the look of anticipation from IZ.

Although double the price of the standard mud crab, we splurged on the king crab as treat for my parents.  Also good for me because mud crab is too much hassle for me to bother, whereas the legs of the king crab are quite convenient.   The crab was big enough to prepare two ways: chilli and black pepper.


Enjoyed the crab itself, but couldn’t help but think of the sauce from last night, as well as the noodles.

Black Pepper Crab (2.5): again, not a huge fan of the butteriness.

Everyone was extremely pleased with the meal.  I can’t decide which is more gratifying: pleasing the parents or the wife and kids.  Glad when both happen at the same time.

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