8.098 Deep-Fried Mini Buns with Chilli Sauce


13 (Thu) April 2017

Deep-Fried Mini Buns with Chilli Sauce


at Jumbo Seafood


with W and the Boyz

Holy Week Family Vacation to Malaysia-Singapore, Day 4 (see previously 8.097 Stir-Fried Bean Curd with Hot Basil Leaves).

Monday to Wednesday in Johor. For Legoland.  Thursday to Friday in Singapore.  For food.  Back to Manila on Saturday.

Arriving in Singapore this afternoon, the only order of business was dinner.

The East Coast Seafood Centre is where it started, located about 12 km from downtown on the East Coast Highway (which runs along the southern coast of the island).

Jumbo Seafood is a Singaporean restaurant chain.  Founded 1987.  Currently 6 locations in Singapore, with 11 international branches in China, Taiwan, and Viet Nam.  Specializes in fresh seafood, cooked to order, Singaporean style.

My favorite subcategory of food: Chinese/Singaporean-style shellfish.

Never been a fan of Chilli Crab (see for example 5.088 Chilli Crab). First, a general rule of mine is to avoid crab – too much hassle, too much mess – unless it’s soft shell or king (see generally 6.221 King Crab).  Singaporean Chilli Crab typically uses mud crab – too much shell, too much hard shell, not enough meat to justify the effort.  And the sauce, I dunno, reminds me of spicy ketchup.

But here, the chilli is sauce was sublime.  More like a delicate garlicky tomato eggdrop soup with a perfect touch of spice and trace of sweet.  Free with an order of mini buns!

Perfectly paired with the deep-fried mini-buns.  Thinly crisp crust, popping open to reveal an impossibly fluffy interior, the airy simplicity of the bread ideal for sopping up and amplifying the exquisite complexity of the sauce.

And no crab to deal with.

Signature Black Pepper Crab (2.25) – I love black pepper per se, but something about this dish has always given me pause, don’t know exactly what.
Licked the plates – though we left behind a few cereals prawns.

Legoland, located in Johor on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, is 330 km from Kuala Lumpur but just 60 km to Singapore.  So the easiest way to get to Legoland is to fly to Singapore and drive the rest of the way, which is what we did on the way in.  However, the passport gets an entry stamp on arrival in Singapore, plus an exit stamp when crossing out of Singapore by road, plus an entry stamp seconds later when crossing into Malaysia a few meters down the road – all the while remaining seated in the car.  Then in reverse order on the way back.  6 stamps round trip.  Our taxi driver – who gets 4 stamps per round trip (no flight involved), and makes 3 to 6 trips a day = 1 to 2 pages of passport a day – says he has to renew his passport every couple months.





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