10.224 Whopper with Cheese


17 (Sat) August 2019

Whopper with Cheese


at Burger King

(Nadi International Airport)

-Nadi, Fiji-

with SK

Mission to Fiji, Day 8.

In Nadi.  Here for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health – first to finalize preparations, then to facilitate the event itself, which will begin 3 days from now.  This will be the fifth and final trip to Fiji in relation to the meeting (see previously 10.192 Rourou Moci).

Nicely made, with impeccably fresh ingredients.

Our Regional Director arrived this evening.  As the meeting’s responsible officer, I was deployed to greet him at the airport, accompanied by SK, only because she’s Japanese.

While waiting, we had a snack at the Burger King in the airport – at the right place and time, the Whopper can be such a satisfying experience.

With the RD, we ended up eating dinner at Bone Fish (see generally Day 6, supra).

The meal at Burger King was better.

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