10.233 Stewed Pork Belly, Su Zhou Style


26 (Mon) August 2019

Stewed Pork Belly, Su Zhou Style


at Summer Palace

(see most recently 9.089 Sautéed Fresh Peeled Crab Meat and Scallops with Egg)

-Ortigas (Edsa Shangri-La), Mandaluyong, Manila, Philippines-

with MSS, W

My old mentor is in town.  He treated me and the wife to dinner.

Clear Bamboo Pith Soup with Fresh Scallops and Asparagus (3.5): immaculate.

Su Zhou is a city in southeastern China that is associated with the dish more commonly referred to as tongpo pork (see most recently 6.246 Tungpo-Style Braised Pork Belly).

The rendition at Summer Palace was excellent.  Silky smooth fat and perfectly seasoned, plus crispy bokshoy and fluffy mantou buns.

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