10.241 The Ggori Story, Part 2: Muu Guk


3 (Tue) September 2019

Muu Guk


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

The Ggori Story – an allegory of self-reliance and self-pity in a pot of oxtail stock.

Stayed home sick again.

From the triumphant yet traumatic oxtail stock yesterday (see generally 10.240 Ggori Suyuk), I used some to make muu (radish) guk (soup), which both rejuvenated and depressed me because I had to do it on my own. 

After separating the meat, I boiled just the bones and cartilage for another 2 hours to extract all the remaining mineral and gelatin, which produced this lusciously thick stock – nearly solid when chilled.

In fact, W didn’t think to cook for me, but she did have the wherewithal to order things from her Ajumma Network that she wanted to eat, like dotori (acorn) muk (jelly).  And then she had the nerve to ask me to prepare it (see generally 2.299 Dotori Muk Muchim).


Incidentally, W just walked in as I was writing this post.  I read it to her to gauge her reaction.  Her reaction: “Didn’t I make you something a few years ago?”  She might’ve been referring to 2013 (see 4.357 Pear & Honey Tonic).

In case any GTMD readers are wondering, W is aware of the blog, even though she doesn’t read it.

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