10.242 The Ggori Story, Part 3: Bulgogi Ddeokbokki


4 (Wed) September 2019

Bulgogi Ddeokbokki


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

The Ggori Story – an allegory of self-reliance and self-pity in a pot of oxtail stock.

I’m still sick and still having to cook for everyone.  

Fresh rice cakes are best eaten as is.

More stuff that W had ordered from the Ajumma Network for herself – ddeok (rice cakes) and bulgogi and left me to cook it, even while I’m deathly ill.

Come to think of it, W is quite paranoid about the kids catching illness, so she wouldn’t let them eat anything that I had cooked if she thought that it could be infected, say, from the phlegmy coughing, which makes me realize that she hasn’t even noticed that I’ve been sick.

Rice cakes made from 100% rice are luxuriously soft in texture and richly nutty in flavor, but quickly break down when cooked, so not that good for ddeokbokki, which is better with rice cakes that contain a higher amount of wheat flour.

Anyway, I combined the rice cakes and bulgogi to make a kind of ddeokbokki (see for example 7.225 Bulgogi Deokbokki).   Even better, I used some of the oxtail stock  to render a thicker/richer sauce and added vegetables (green beans, enoki mushrooms, carrots) for more nutrients and character.  When the rice cakes were gone, the boys demanded steamed rice top sop up the remaining sauce – when kids ask for extra helpings of rice, it means that they like what’s on the table.

Again, a great victory that made me feel like a loser.

2 thoughts on “10.242 The Ggori Story, Part 3: Bulgogi Ddeokbokki

  1. I had no idea rice cakes contained flour…I had always thought they were made from glutinous rice, like mochi

    1. Korean rice cakes are typically made with regular short-grain rice. We also use glutinous rice for some types of mochi-like specialty rice cakes.

      The rice cakes for ddeokbokki sold by street food carts are sometimes mixed with flour, presumably as a cost-saving measure. The resulting texture is more firm, which I think works better as a vehicle for all that sauce.

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