10.247 Tagliatelle in Saffron-Clam Sauce


9 (Mon) September 2019

Tagliatelle in Saffron-Clam Sauce


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

To the basic recipe (see 1.304 Fettuccine in Milky Clam Sauce with Bacon and Mushrooms), I added saffron.  Didn’t make much difference (see for comparison 10.129 Linguine in Clam Sauce), whether in color or flavor, perhaps I didn’t use enough.

This is the brand – same brand that I’ve used since college.
They were on sale at the supermarket – with so much on hand, I should’ve used more.
In case I’ve never said it before, De Cecco is my favorite brand of pasta.
Sun-Fried Tomato Vinaigrette (1.5): anything that repels my kids from eating salad has to be pretty bad.

2 thoughts on “10.247 Tagliatelle in Saffron-Clam Sauce

  1. Holy sh*t, that much saffron must have cost a fortune!

    Something tells me it was discounted for a reason (probably nearing the end of its shelf life) which would explain the lack of potency.

    Also, I definitely concur that Kraft dressings are downright nasty.

    1. if shelf life is indeed the issue, i suppose it reinforces the principle that precious/delicate things are expensive for a reason, and thus conversely on-sale would impact their preciousness/delicateness.

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