10.262 Crystal Prawns


24 (Tue) September 2019

Crystal Prawns


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Not quite sure what constitutes a “crystal prawn.”  In Cantonese restaurants in the Philippines, the dish would seem to comprise medium-size shrimp that are lightly stir-fried in a delicate white glaze (see generally 5.356 Soya Cake with Three Kinds Mushrooms).  Don’t recall seeing it on Chinese menus anywhere else.

After the flash-fry, the shrimp are covered in a clear crispy crystalline coating, perhaps hence the name of the dish.

My boys love crystal prawns, so I gave it a try.  Among various on-line recipes, the common element was to marinate the shrimp in a mix of egg whites and corn starch, then flash-frying them.  Afterwards, I sautéed them with ginger slices and minced garlic, and added a touch of chicken broth with salt and white pepper.  The flavors were just right – bringing out the natural sweetness and brininess of the shrimp, enhanced by the aromatics, classically Cantonese – but the texture ended up kinda goopy – too much corn starch.  Anyway, the boys cleared the plate within minutes.

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