10.268 Sundae


30 (Mon) September 2019



by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-


As part of W’s Korean street food spread a few days ago (see 10.264 Spicy Ddukbokki), she had purchased frozen sundae and steamed it – or part of it.

Frozen sundae is typically sold as a length of the intestine coiled in concentric circles (see 8.195 Sundae).  While it’s being cooked, some of the stuffing may spill out of the ends, which are not sealed.

W, intending to cook only half of the sausage, cut it straight down the middle, creating 10 open ends, instead of 2.  She was like, “Well, how was I supposed to know!!”


Even at a gentle steam, I lost about a third of the stuffing, which I trimmed off each end – each of the 10 ends.


Sundae may very well be the grossest looking Korean food.

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