10.271 Chadol Jjambbong


3 (Thu) October 2019

Chadol Jjamppong


at Jjambbong Janggun

-Malate, Manila, Manila, Philippines-

with RK, EK, et al.

Jjambbong Janggun is a  Korean-Chinese restaurant.   Specializes in Korean-style Chinese cuisine – in particular the eponymous jjambbong, which comes in 8 varieties.  The “janggun” means “general/admiral” in the military sense and refers figuratively to someone who masters or excels or leads at something.

Recently opened on Adriatico Street, a half block down from where I used to live in One Adriatico Place (Tower One).
We arrived just past 1730, when it was still empty – I’m told that it gets busy closer to midnight, when the Malate carousers start to get hungry.
Nice touch to use red onions.
Perfect size for me.

Incidentally, the signage and menus have inconsistent spellings, including “jjambbong” and “jjamppong” and “jjampong.”  The standardized spelling is “jjambbong,” as shown in the menu description.

Not sure about the vitamins and minerals, but the rest I would agree with.

The Chadol Jjambbong was phenomenal.  The broth was luxuriously thick and velvety, like it had been simmering all day, explosive with rich, charred beef flavor from the grilled brisket (chadol).   The meat, piled on high as a garnish, packed the punch of a main dish in itself.  Fresh bean sprouts provided a refreshing counterpoint.  Chewy flour noodles.  Very well-conceived, perfectly executed dish.  One of the best jjambbong’s of my life.

The photo doesn’t provide adequate scale, but the bowl is big, about 1.5 times larger than standard.
Jjajang Myeon (3.0): excellent charred flavor, but a tad too sweet.
Yangjangpi (2.5): a bit clumsy, but okay in flavor.

Try Every Item at Jjambbong Janggun (see TEIJJ).  I will attempt to eat my way through the menu, which shouldn’t be too difficult, with only 15 items in all – already 3 down on the first visit, 12 remaining.

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  1. I miss this place. Their chadol jjampong was one of the best jjampongs I’ve ever had

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