10.272 Griddle-Cooked Pleurotus eryngii


4 (Fri) October 2019

Griddle-Cooked Pleurotus Eryngii


at Fuyuan

-Legaspi Village, Makati, Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Pleurotus eryngii = king oyster mushroom.

Restaurants should refer more often to items in Linnaean taxonomic nomenclature (see also 8.290 Pleurogrammus aonus), which is either crystal clear to some or completely cryptic to others.

Clams (3.0): solid.
Cabbage (3.5): awesome.
Pork with Chilies (3.0): the server had recommended this as the final dish, which turned out to be pretty much the same as the mushroom dish, only without the mushrooms; when I complained/commented that the two were too similar, he said “But sir, that dish has mushrooms, and this one does not” – I could not argue with that logic.

The Griddle-Cooked Pleurotus Eryngii was good.  Shredded king oyster mushrooms with sliced pork belly, and chopped chilies in soy sauce and oil.  Served in a brazier that both made for a dramatic presentation and kept the dish bubbling throughout the meal.  The experience would’ve been better if not for the duplicative pork dish.

Yang Chaw Fried Rice (2.0): meh.

Prior visit:

With one more visit, this could become an Official Family Favorite Restaurant.

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