10.284 Saba No Misoni


16 (Wed) October 2019

Saba no Misoni


at Nihonbashi Tei

-San Lorenzo, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Saba no Misoni is a Japanese dish.  Consists of mackerel (saba) braised in a miso-based sauce (misoni).  Very commonly prepared at home.

At Nihonbashi Tei, the saba no misoni was okay.  The fish itself was not that great, likely from the freezer.  It was initially grilled, then subsequently topped with the sauce, such that the flavor of the miso did not permeate into the fish.  But the miso sauce was nicely seasoned – good with a bowl of steamed rice.  I was quite happy to find that the menu offered the dish, which is not that common in restaurants.


Likewise, the rest of the food was also okay.  The ingredients were less-than-pristine though generally passable.  Competent execution.

In addition to the saba misoni, the other standout dish was the ankake ramen.  Loads of seafood and vegetables in a thick, steamy broth with chewy noodles.  Very hearty.  Everyone enjoyed it, especially the boys.

While nowhere near as good as our go-to Japanese joint Seryna (see most recently 10.270 Oyakodon), the cheaper prices and closer location – the San Lorenzo branch sits right across from our village – makes this Nihonbashitei a viable secondary alternative.

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