10.298 Catch Sour


30 (Wed) October 2019

Catch Sour


at Catch

(Nation Riviera Beach Club)

-Al Khubeirah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-


Family Holiday Fall 2019 in UAE, Day 4.

In Abu Dhabi.  We’re spending the boys’ fall break in the United Arab Emirates, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

W and the boys spent the day touring the mosques and palaces.

I declined to join them, primarily because of my back pain, really because I couldn’t care less.


Catch is a seafood restaurant.  International menu, with Asian and Middle Eastern influences.  Just so happens to be the closest stand-alone restaurant to Emirates Palace (not counting eateries in hotels across from the palace).  Just so happens to share the name of GMTD’s author (homophonically).

While waiting for the family to finish their tour, I dropped by for a preprandial drink.  Within second of being seated at the bar, I was offered a menu for Catch Happy Hour.  Right time.  Right place.  Right guy.

Catch Sour – a cocktail that embodies my ostensibly acerbic yet fundamentally saccharine disposition.

I was surprised to learn that the whiskey sour sometimes includes a dash of egg white, which provides a rounder mouthfeel and ends up with a head of foam.

Rock Shrimps (3.5)
Fried Calamari (3.0)

Quite pleased with the restaurant’s service and quality, I proposed that we have dinner there, after I’d picked everyone up at the palace.


But they overrode the proposal and demanded Korean instead.



Among the many options – Google suggested at least 14 restaurants in the downtown area that would appear to be Korean – Hankook was close and had a high rating.

The boys had a blast making fun of the English spellings in the menu – I would love for a GMTD post to include “Ohzinger” in the title.
AED 42 x 3 bowls = about USD 34 or KRW 40,000 or a lot of money for instant noodles.

After all the fuss, they ended up ordering ramyeon – one bowl each.

And so, United Arab Emirates becomes the 17th country and Abu Dhabi becomes the 36th city outside of Korea where I’ve had Korean food (see KOREAN ABROAD).

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